In this day of the Internet, rapid-fire information, people still want someting in their hands.

Print media is a stubborn old goat. It refuses to die and it refuses to go away. And for good reason. There are plenty of people out there who still subscribe to the printed word, and I am one of them. I still pay $2 for a newspaper out of the bin. I still pay an bi-annual subscription to magazines and I still like to actually hold a piece of literature in my hand that I don't want to access online. That is why I still push for sellsheets and catalogs, despite their expense to print and the likelihood of them ending up in a trash bin. People like to read at their leisure. I created and wrote all of the sellsheets and catalogs ECS has produced since 2013. Marketing material is vital when dealing with prospective customers or when a salesperson is at a tradeshow. I can squeeze a ton of valuable information into one or two pages. To see the sellsheets and catalogs, go here: