One day I was handed a video recorder and told to create a video.

That was how it began. The odyessy of the video production. Well, if you want to get technical, creating a video began when I was taking a course from Westwood College in 2004. I created a video using an old verision of Adobe Premiere Pro. The concept? It was a series of photos of the Boston Red Sox after they won the World Series. I basically splice them together, added a Lenny Kravitz song ("Believe") and viola. I don't recall the grade I got on it, but I do remember it was pretty easy. So, when I was told to create a series of product videos for ECS, and handed a camera, I got an updated copy of Premiere Pro, storyboarded an idea for a video and actually filmed and edited it. I then had the marketing director record a voice over and spliced the whole thing together with some music. It was a 1:36 video of our Loadmaster Drawer Case, which was new at the time. It's still on youtube ( From there, I created several product videos, some better than others. In 2010, I spent two weeks creating a torture test video that ended up being a "Jackass" style five minute video ( In 2013, I put together a stop motion video of our large VIP containers being built from start to finish. The project was three months and consisted of me putting a still camera overlooking the build that went off every five seconds. Yes, every five seconds for three months. The camera produced more than 10,000 still images as it shot 24 hours a day. It actually hung on until the bloody end until it finally broke down. I took 10,000 images and created a 2 minute video ( I enjoy the creativity of creating a video. I would not consider myself an expert, but I know enough to make something cool.