Web Site Design

Since 2005, I have created more than two dozen websites for a variety of businesses and even for personal application. As most web designers can attest, once you hand over the site, you cede control of the look of the site. Not in all cases though. I have built everything from e-commerce sites to informational sites. Some are no longer around and some have changed dramatically. 

Oregon Stroke Network

This was a wonderful experience with a group that is devoted to stroke awareness in Oregon. They had a website that had not been updated in years. The person who originally designed the site had become a registered nurse, so they needed a designer to do a complete overhaul. The main thing they wanted was a membership, where those who sign up, could access hidden pages. We met daily and they provide a list of changes each week. The build took about five months. We had a slight hiccup in the end, but once that was fixed, the site is really great. It functions exactly how they want it to, with membership and hidden pages, and is packed with great information.

CMS: Concrete5

SEO and Analytics: SEO was set up for the main keywords “stroke education in Oregon” “stroke awareness in Oregon” and ranks near the top of each page for those search results. Analytics was not established, so we don’t know how many visitors the site averages.

Functionality: The website has a membership login capability that is controlled by the admin. Admin can put members in one of two categories. 


Rock Point Wine

Rock Point Wine is a branch of Del Rio Vineyards in Gold Hill, Oregon. I worked with the marketing director before on Del Rio’s e-commerce site, which I built in 2007. The Rock Point website is a very simple informational site. Basically, she wanted a build that she could edit herself.

CMS: WordPress

Functionality: Basic informational website. No CTAs. Ordering of wine is done on Del Rio’s main website.