If you happened to stumbled across this web site, welcome to the craziness. The purpose of stevetbennett.com is to not only showcase my skills as a web designer/multimedia guy, but also a place to house my thoughts and highlight my life. First, me, I am Steve Bennett. Hi. I am a married man with six kids, four of which I produced. I have been doing this fun kind of work since 1998. When I was a kid, my life's ambition was to be a sports writer. I was always into athletics and grew up glued to the TV watching sporting events. I grew up a Miami Dolphins fan, a Detroit Pistons fan and a San Francisco Giants fan. I also grew up in the shadows of Autzen Stadium watching the Oregon Ducks. I played three sports, one of which, football, helped propel me further in life. I graduated with a degree in journalism from Southern Oregon University and for eight years, realized my lifelong goal of being a sports journalist. When the job interfered with the family, I moved into marketing, multimedia marketing to be exact, and got a second degree from the now defunct Westwood College. 

Tech world

I am a Generation Xer who grew up in the infancy of the Internet. I was in college when the boom started. I recall having an email account and thinking how weird it was. Back then, Yahoo! was the weapon of choice for all things internet. I knew this internet thing was the wave of the future, but I didn't realize how in 20 years, the world would change so dramatically. I am a part of that world to some degree and it's cool. 

Runner and designer

I am an oddity for many reasons, but one of which is I love to run and I love to run far. I love running marathons. Anything under 10 miles just doesn't cut it for me. Oh, and I am a former defensive tackle who still carries a lot of his football weight. So, to see a 260 pound, middle age man training for a marathon must be strange for many. I do get stares, but it's cool because if I can do it, anyone can. Running helps tap into my creative side and thus some of my best ideas are born in Mile 6 of a 12 mile run. Completing a marathon and completing a project both bring the same sense of accomplishment. 

More to come

I don't have a Facebook page, but I use Twitter daily and also utlize Linkedin. Social media, much like the Internet itself, has expanded into it's own world. I used to call Facebook the devil, because, let's face it, you can learn a lot about someone by perusing their Facebook page, but social media, in general, has a purpose in this life. Check back here for more of my ramblings and thoughts on life.