My goal since 2014, when I first started running the Pear Blossom Run in Medford, was to get in under one hour and fourty minutes. To me, running in the 1:30s symbolized a superb runner. Running in the 1:20s on down was an elite runner, which I will never be. But 1:30? Very realistic goal. Here's the thing, since 2014, my average Pear time is somewhere in the mid-1:40s. I have run 2:00 twice. But my PR was 1:42, which I did in 2017. I really, really wanted to be in the 1:30s. So imagine my surprise when I started the 2019 edition of the Pear Run and I was in the low 9:00 splits and felt, excellent? By the time I reach 5K, I was in the 28:00s. My goal was to get to 5 miles (the turnaround) in 50:00. I got there around 47:00. I hit 6 miles in under and hour and 8 miles in 1:12. In other words, I ran in the 9:30s instead of my goal of 9:50s and felt great! The whole way! In my mind at 8 miles, I thought, I have time to slow down, but I don't need to! So I hit 9 miles in about 1:24 and cruised down Main Street and onto Oakdale in well under 1:39. 1:36 to be exact. I crossed in 1:36.28. Holy cow! How exciting! Now? Now I think I can get in the 1:20s,. thus putting me in the elite class. I attribute this to my marathon training, but I was never a speedy runner. This is new grounds for me and one I will relish for another year!