My knees hurt. My lower back aches. I often limp into the house after long runs. I get up at 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday. It’s usually 20 degrees or colder when I hit the road.


Why not?

To most people, the idea of running 20 miles on cold, ungodly early morning on a weekend sounds insane and they might be right. Training for a marathon is not for everyone. Hell, running more than 3 miles is not for everyone. But to finish a marathon is a benchmark that seems unattainable for 90% of the population. That’s why.  You see, people have goals. Everyone has a goal. It’s why we live and exists. I know and understand when I am out in the driving rain at 6 a.m. on mile 10 of an 18 mile run, I am the minority. No one in their right mind, after working all week, would dare get out and punish themselves on a weekend. Weekends are for relaxing. No. I must admit, as I get closer to Eugene, the miles piling up, I start dreading Saturdays. My mind thinks about the agony my body will feel when I finally stop running and enter my home. How I won’t walk right for at least 24 hours. How my back will scream. But dare I say it will all be worth it when I run into Autzen Stadium on April 28. I dare say.