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Writer/Journalist. When an English teacher pulled me aside in high school and told me I should be a writer, that sparked something in me. By the time I graduated from high school and enrolled at Southern Oregon University, I wanted to be a journalist. Specifically, I wanted to be a sports writer. When I graduated from SOU in 1998, my first job was as a sports editor at a small newspaper in Crescent City, California. I loved it. Each day brought a new adventure and different ways to be creative. I moved to San Angelo, Texas, and finally back to Medford, Oregon, where I worked for my hometown paper for five years. I was a writer and page designer. Recently, I have dug up research work I did in college that I am compiling for a book, the history of football at Southern Oregon University. Since 1997, I have been researching the football program's history that dates back to the 1890s. I have interviewed more than 100 former players and coaches and spent hours looking through microfilm in the library. SOU will celebrate its 100th anniversary of football in 2027. My book “Rising SONS” will/should be published before then.

Designer. Realizing that I was a better designer than I was a writer, I became the sports department's main desk person. I designed the sports pages in San Angelo and Medford. Five nights a week, I made sure the sports section looked tremendous and was error-free. My sections won accolades and honors, but the main goal was to make sure the local stories popped off the page. When the writers appreciated how I packaged their story, I did my job. When I transitioned to multimedia in 2005, I designed websites, magazine ads, sell sheets, and catalogs as part of the marketing department. 

Creator. Part of my job in marketing has been a creator. Realizing not everyone will appreciate what you produce in the end, the goal was to generate buzz. Creating infographics that educate in great detail the form and function of something is a massive part of my profession. Reaching target markets through integrated marketing communications by creating videos and photo displays are also part of my repertoire. I am most proud of creating a quoting configurator. Before the configurator, quotes were taken by phone and written down and sent through a paper trail that could take up to two weeks. Yes, two weeks for a quote. The configurator could produce a part number and a price in mere minutes. 

In the fall of 2019, I went back to school (SOU), and I am taking courses for an MBA with an emphasis on marketing.

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Nov 24, 2020, 6:46 PM

Everything you need to know about me in about 10 minutes.

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